Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 01/08/2019


My wife and children came back yesterday and within ten minutes of my having picked them up from the airport, my wife was screaming at the top of her lungs, slamming my seat and even tugged my arm as I drove.

My sin: saying that we needed to save a certain amount of money before another vacation was possible. I thought that by giving a concrete number and providing a rationale (if we intend to find a new apartment we need first, last and deposit) she would understand better. It wouldn’t be a vague thing that they could be intended as means to prevent her from having a vacation with the kids. Suffice it to say I was wrong. And, it’s only gone downhill from there. One minute she’s telling me she wants to leave and find a better partner and the next she’s raging about family vacations?! Sheer lunacy. I’m not going to empty the garbage bag of my life onto the floor and pick through it. I just have to up my patience and try to remain calm.

May I never marry again.

In every lifetime may I purely pursue the Dhamma for the benefit of myself and others.

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