Posted by: Upāsaka | 10/26/2018

Who’s to Blame?

Furthermore, all problems are the result of negative karma accumulated in the past due to self-cherishing thoughts. In the past, under the influence of self-cherishing, whenever you allowed disturbing thoughts to arise, these disturbing thoughts motivated negative karma.

But you must understand that the problems you experience in your life now are related not only to past negative karma accumulated under the influence of the self-cherishing thought, but also to the self-cherishing thought in your mind at this very moment.

I’ve found myself in a situation where I’m being “wrongly” blamed for something. The results of this accusation could be very serious indeed but, as always, it is my kamma that got me here. I can really only be thankful that this kamma has ripened now rather than in a niraya.

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The mud, the lotus and the pale golden blue.

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