Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 10/24/2018

Dedicating Merit – Happy Uposatha

I don’t know exactly why but the idea of dedicating the merit of my every good action has really taken hold lately. It may be as a result of reading Ajahn Punnadhammo’s book on the Buddhist cosmos which has a lot of mentions of the results of giving fans and dedicating merit.

Whatever the reason for my renewed interest I have found the practice to be inspiring and to connect otherwise mundane and disparate elements of my life. For example, feeding the cat becomes a practice of dana, which results in my being able to dedicate the merit to my departed relatives and the devata who may live in my house.

This type of practice really clarified and reminds me that everything I do with an unenlightened mind creates kamma so not only should I be extremely careful but I shouldn’t waste the merit by being careless with it.

May this be of benefit.

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