Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 10/27/2018

Loss, Debt and Worry

It seems I’m on the downward stroke again with bills and no money coming in. I have a choice now: I can react with worry and panic again and spiral into a depression over it or I can refuse to allow myself to get sucked down. Really, how can I call myself a practitioner if I’m so easily knocked off center by the worldly winds?

Am I an upasaka only when it’s convenient? Can I practice the Dhamma only when I have enough money, enough food and enough comfort? The Lord Buddha never stated that the Dhamma was for worldly success so why am I practicing as if it were?

Whether or not these difficulties result in the loss of everything that we have materially, can I see this as an impermanent and unsatisfactory condition? Can I understand that this is my kamma? Can I see loss as no worse than gain?

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