Posted by: Upāsaka | 10/17/2016

Cooling Down

I’ve always noticed that, after periods of increased intensity, whether it be an uposatha day observance or a retreat, the kilesas seem to return with a renewed vigor. For me, the two that strike back with redoubled strength are ill will and sexual desire. Luckily, years of practicing the uposatha on and off have at least prepared me to expect a backlash. 

And yet, until now I haven’t really taken steps to make for a smoother reentry. Many times I will over indulge in foods, entertainments and the like and swiftly wipe away any progress I may have made. This morning, fearing that, I decided to take on the third uposatha precept for the day. In the future I may take on a few others as a way of reading back in. 

I am determined to make this life count for something and the uposatha is one excellent way of doing that. May All beings met with the Dhamma and enter the stream. 

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