Posted by: Upāsaka | 10/16/2016

Uposatha Day – Beginning Anew

Maybe it’s the stars or just an abundance of good kamma but my zeal for the practice is definitely in flow. It could also be the result of reflecting recently on anicca and realizing that there’s really nothing ever there to grasp because it’s just so fleeting. Upset about a situation? Wait a minute and it will change and be gone forever. Infatuated with someone? Give them some time and they’ll disappoint and change too. But, if we meet these fleeting moments with impatience and without wisdom we can surely make a mess of our lives and everyone else’s by acting unskillfully and heaping up akusala kamma.

Anyway, today s an uposatha day in the Thai Forest reckoning (I believe yesterday was Vap Poya in Sri Lanka) and I took the precepts this morning in front of my altar. I intende o faithfully observe the uposatha for as long as I have the strength of body and mind and I figure there’s no time like the present to begin anew and recommit myself to the Dhamma. So, in addition to my daily practice aspirations (here) I am recommitting to a daily practice commitment which is as follows:

  • Morning chanting of refuges, precepts, reflections & aspirations.
  • 2 hours of formal seated and walking meditation.
  • 1000 repetitions of ” Namo Buddhaya” mantra
  • Listen to a Dhamma talk.
  • Read a verse of Buddha Vacana.
  • Post here with an issue related to my practice of the Dhamma.

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