Posted by: Upāsaka | 10/18/2016

Panca Kamatthana

This morning I planned to work on asubha meditation and ended up doing a guided practice using the first five body parts (hence the title of this post). I will have to pay the bhikkhuni’s name who guided the practice but you can find her on’s app as well. 

After an uposatha I have more than average lust that arises (and, on average, it seems to arise almost incessantly) so, fearing a fall, I’ve decided to spend more time contemplating the body add an antidote. Yesterday I listened to s talk by Ajahn Martin of Wat Baan Tad who destined the practice in detail and said that if it doesn’t feel uncomfortable you’re just playing around. This morning’s reflections certainly weren’t horseplay by that definition and the level of discomfort I felt made me even more curious and interested in perusing the theme. So far, although it’s still a struggle, the reflections have helped me to stay grounded and resist the temptation to allow my senses to wander where they will. Oh, and it helps to have taken the third uposatha precept  once  more today. 

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