Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 06/15/2015

Well-spoken Words

166. The Lord said: “Words that have four qualities are well-spoken, not ill-spoken, faultless, not blamed by the wise. What four? Concerning this, one speaks words that are beautiful, not ugly; one speaks words that are right, not wrong; one speaks words that are kind, not cruel; one speaks words that are truthful, not false.”

The virtuous call beautiful speech the foremost,
Secondly comes right speech, not wrong,
Thirdly come kind words, not cruel,
And fourthly comes truthful, not false speech.

Then Venerable Vangisa moved from his seat, put his robe on one shoulder, joined his hands and said: “Something occurs to me, Lord.” Then Venerable Vangisa spoke these words in praise of the Lord:

One should utter only words
Which do no harm for oneself
Or cause harm to others,
That is truly beautiful speech.

Speak kind words,
Words rejoiced at and welcomed,
Words that bear ill-will to none;
Always speak kindly to others.

Truthful speech is of the immortal.
This is an eternal law.
The virtuous stand firm on words
That are truthful, useful and right.

The Buddha speaks words that lead
To the winning of security,
The ending of sorrow, and the attaining of Nirvana.
Truly, this is the speech supreme.

Sutta Nipata 450-454

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