Posted by: Upāsaka | 06/14/2015

Keeping the Mind Pure

For the last few days I have been really intent on keeping my mind and thoughts as pure as possible. This is largely due to my contemplations on the devas but also a result of my long acquaintance with the Teachings on heedfulness and satipatthana. 

As with all of the Teachings,  I now see the great benefit of devanussati in making more tangible the reality of kamma (here’s the carrot) and showing that even our innermost thoughts may be read like a book by any number of beings which we cannot now perceive (and,  here,  the stick).

As a result,  when I am walking and have no other object in mind I turn to lightly inspecting the quality of my thoughts and repeating the meditation words “May I keep my mind pure” as a story of mental shorthand for the variety of tasks required to apply Right Action worth Right Effort.

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