Posted by: Upāsaka | 06/16/2015

Making Merit

Lately I have been attempting to increase my material giving through donations of money where appropriate and through the goody of food and drink whenever possible. I have mentioned this before but u for the act of offering food and drink to someone to be psychologically more powerful than simply giving money to a faceless organization. So,  selfishly or not, it had become my preferred mode of generosity.

Last night,  however,  I did something I had never yet thought of before and wad so pleased with the results that I intend to make a habit of it. After having an argument with my wife (something which I could done no way to avoid other than by eventually stonewalling), o had top go out to pick up something at the store. It occurred to me that I had been looking for someone who looked like they wanted something to eat or drink. I realized that dana was the perfect way to uplift the mind and make a positive impression where there was a stain of anger and resentment. I won’t go into further detail but suffice to say I found someone to take my offering and my heart was immediately changed.

I used to go out and drink when I had problems but if sends to me that I have stumbled upon an open secret that is infinitely more fulfilling. Ramadhan behind tomorrow and I hope to increase my giving throughput the month of fasting. Sukhita hontu!

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