Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 12/24/2014

Soured Perception

This morning, leaving the house the I notice that my mood has gone slightly off, my perception has soured. Why? Maybe it was the dreams I had, maybe a text from my business partner our maybe nine of those things. What I know is how it feels and how I chose to react. Given I have undertaken to recite and work with the Eight Verses that is immediately where my mind turns (thankfully) and I immediately reflect on the fact that in do many other instances I would not have worked so hats to counter the burgeoning negativity with the idea that I needed to simply bear witness.

Ever unsure about Right Effort I find myself standing on the precipice of doubt but my determination to practice this form of lojong pulls me back. In order for me to test and receive the real benefits of this teaching I need to be scrupulous in my adherence to it.

So, I reflect that all of these being have been my mother and cared tenderly for me. I reflect on the idea that all have been my father and protected me from harm. And even if it doesn’t completely remove the ill-will and aversion it takes the edge off and returns me to a semblance of sanity. Sabbe satta sabba dukkha pamuccantu!

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