Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 12/25/2014

Dream Journal – Night 6

The first sequence I recall was rather long and involved a man who was somehow able to glide down music and rusted train tracks and the surroundings at high speed. It was as if he were skating on the ground, rails, over rocks and grass but without wheels our regard for the fact that the surfaces were not smooth. Even more strangely the man was none other than Lenin, the father of Communist Russia. At times my subjectivity changed from first person after I became him and experienced this skating and others I watched him as someone else. I recall someone asking me why he was not being stored and relying that he was Lenin so who was going to stop him. Everything has a dirty, drab look about it.

The second dream was just a snippet. Someone had a little seed that was capable of causing an incredibly large nuclear explosion. The fear was terrible and the thought that someone could hold such destructive force between their index finger and thumb was almost unbearable.

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