Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 10/01/2013


There was a bit of a meltdown last night as a result of one aspect of wrong speech that I have so far been unable to restrain: sarcasm. for a variety of reasons, sarcasm and wit have been the things which I use most often in conversation both to connect with others and to shield myself from feelings. But, it has gone too far and I have taken it to the point where I am willing to sacrifice another’s feelings for the sake of a laugh (wht makes it worse is that I’m usually the only one laughing).

I have often wondered why I am not making the kind of progress I would like on the path and although this type of miccha vaca is not surely the sole cause I am pretty certain it has a lot to do with it. Sarcasm and acerbic wit as I know it are based on a cynical and pejorative view of the world. As such, not much could be further from contenment, peace and appreciaton. I have promised my wife to excise the sarcasm from my speech and asked for her help yet I know I’m in for a battle royale.  May I clearly see the harm in sarcasm and purify my speech.


  1. Good luck–I hope Sorayya does not also use sarcasm. I think you may have learned it from your parents. Tough sugar, eh?

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