Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 06/09/2021

Outlines of a 108 Day Triple Cultivation Challenge

I recently finished the #75Hard challenge which involved a lot of working out (physically) as well as some other things (like reading a set amount and drinking obscene amounts of water). Overall it was a great experience and I’m considering creating my own 108 Day Challenge to be able to focus on those things which I feel will bring the most benefit to me.

I envision the challenge to consist of activities that fall under three main fields: spiritual, intellectual and physical. As of today, I will have completed everything on the list except for the 1 Minute Cold Shower which I intend to do after I finish.

Physical Cultivation

  • 1 Minute Cold Shower
  • 108 Active Zone Minutes
  • 50 Push-Ups
  • 50 Squats
  • 50 Lunges
  • 5 Pull-Ups
  • 2 x 45 Minute Workouts
    • 15 Minutes Hand or Elbow Striking Technique Practice
    • 15 Minutes Leg or Knee Striking Technique Practice
    • 15 Minute BJJ Conditioning
    • 15 Minutes Static Stretching
    • 15 Minute Dynamic Leg Stretching Routine
    • 15 Minutes Strength Training

Intellectual Cultivation

  • Study a Language (Irish)
  • Read 15 Pages of Non-Fiction
  • Journal or Blog Post

Spiritual Cultivation

  • 108 Prostrations
  • 108 Mantra Recitations (Itipiso)
  • 30 Minutes Breath Meditation (Bud-dho)
  • 30 Minutes Loving-Kindness Meditation

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