Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 01/22/2021


As is almost always the case, all of the grand thoughts and ideas that accompanied the first cups of coffee and followed upon my morning sit have flown and I’m left trying to figure out what I was thinking (quite literally). A recent theme of late, that I can see developed to a degree in the quote above, is that patiently enduring whatever arises and realizing that it is arising due to kamma.

For example, last night as I was looking for parking, I began to despair at about the hour mark. I would occasionally see someone pulling into a spot ahead of me and I would feel a brief flash of injustice: why wasn’t I getting the space? In retrospect it is obvious how silly such thoughts are but, at the time, there was nothing silly about it. Luckily I was able to reflect on the fact that this was both my kamma and that I should be happy for this person who is experiencing parking dukkha just like me.

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