Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 01/05/2021


Much like on this blog, I post things which I find are good Dhamma to me on FB and IG. The above is one of my recent posts. And, interestingly enough, this post, like many others, has inspired one of my friends to take issue with it in a post of her own in an indirect way.

I am noticing more and more that our current culture seems to encourage weakness of character. If a teaching admonishes us to forgive, people are sick to say say that they’re being shamed for not being ready to do so. If a teaching counsels us not to give in to depression, it is criticized for not taking mental health seriously enough and shaming the depressed for not putting forth enough effort.

Initially I was sympathetic and slowly that turned to annoyance. Now I realize that I need to cultivate equanimity and compassion for people who really do believe they are victims of fate and too weak to surmount their issues.

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