Posted by: Upāsaka | 11/12/2020

Right Now

Right now, all I have to worry about is the quality of the heart in this moment. Not in some vague, pop-mindfulness was but in the sense of how I would like to be be prepared of death were to swallow me whole, right now, in this moment.

I’ve lived a life devoted to resentment, anger and disappointment; how much longer do I want that to continue? Most of the last 14 years of marriage have been about feeling slighted or sorry for myself. If I truly care for myself I need to put an end to such emotional and psychological thumb-sucking or it will never get better.

Kindness. Forgiveness. Generosity of spirit. Compassion. These are the tools. Indignation. Anger. Hate. These are but shortcuts to perdition.

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