Posted by: Upāsaka | 10/24/2020

Use Your Time Wisely

I have been trying to waste as little time as possible so that I can practice meditation and martial arts as well as conditioning without neglecting my work and family duties. There are times when I ask myself why I bother with anything beyond meditation but it is glaringly obvious that I don’t have the spiritual power to succeed in such an endeavor.

As confusing as it is to practice arts which are expressly designed for combat I have going the conditioning and drills to be excellent at fortifying my discipline and endurance. I do have to post extra attention to cultivating and raising mettā however as I tend to look for threats where I rarely saw them before. Then again, NYC has become a much more dangerous place since COVID emptied it out.

I imagine that the cognitive dissonance here will never quite disappear but as long as it appears to improve my stamina and character I intend to keep at it.

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