Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 10/16/2020

Do What You Hate

I don’t recall how I ran into the quote above but the sentiment that it expresses, or perhaps more rightly, the practice it proposes, is one in which I have found incredible value. I have a lot of anxieties surrounding things like driving and parking which sounds crazy on the face of it but are facts of my life. As such, I have a relatively easy way to practice with things that make me uncomfortable.

Why should I even want to put myself in situations that I hate? Simply because nothing good comes for slavishly serving one’s desires. Do you like sweets? Do you think it’s a good idea to sit around eating them all day? Why not? Do you like exercise? Is it a good idea to do some everyday? Why?

Doing things I hate is exercise for the heart. It helps me to put my fears and anxieties into perspective and to be better about to deal with whatever may come my way.

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