Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 07/19/2020


Anicca strikes again and it seems like I’m back in the householder saddle once more. There was an abrupt and pleasant change in my wife’s behavior and demeanor towards me and I honestly wonder if it had anything to do with the rather large offering I made to one of my favorite monks and partially dedicated to her (if memory serves although I may be confusing this dedication of merit with the food dana I did a few weeks ago). Regardless, here I am again, taking up the role of husband and father while these conditions last.

And, while they do, it only makes sense to execute them to the best of my ability and in accord with the precepts. Specifically, the third and fourth which cover sexual fidelity and truth telling. Although I feel that I have done pretty well on these fronts there’s always room for improvement and why not recommit when things look to be starting over again?

May I be ever faithful in my relationships. May I always speak the truth when asked and hold my tongue when speech would cause hurt and division.

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