Posted by: Upāsaka | 04/12/2020


The hits keep coming but, strangely enough, I think I’m beginning to feel the sting less and less. I’m also comforted by the thought that, no matter what my partner says to me, i am keeping the family physically safe, emotionally protected and financially sound by not reacting.

Let people think of me what they will. I have no power over their thoughts, words or actions. Let all family and friends believe in a bad husband, a horrible father. As long as I know that I have done my best to provide and protect, to search for truth in criticism, then I am fine with it. And, finding myself disturbed, I am committed to work though it until find evenness of mind and good will for all.

May I be forgiven for the harm I have caused my wife in this life and all others. May I not be the cause of future suffering for her. May she be well, happy and peaceful.

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