Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 04/02/2020

Mettā in Action

So, I posted the above in my lobby this morning. It feels equal parts vulnerable, dangerous and dorky but I really do feel it is necessary. People are sick and dying. People are afraid and alone. There are older people in my building who have to walk up twelve flights during good times. Now they have to worry about catching coronavirus and drowning in their lungs alone.

So, it took a little self-persuasion but what would it mean to practice mettā when one has no real fellow feeling? What good are words reduced to oneself in the dark if they don’t transform our hearts and change our behavior?

So, after meditation this morning I wrote up the note above and taped it in my building’s lobby. Still, I’m not a complete trusting rube, the number’s masked.

Be well everyone!


  1. Sadhu!
    rejoicing in your heartwarming and exemplary good deed..

    You can adjust anytime to the situation..but it gives a sign too.

    May you be well and happy
    devata rakkhantu


    • Thank you Ayya! Wishing you every good blessing! Mettacittena!

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