Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 03/30/2020

On Food

And indeed at each meal there is not one hazard for going wrong, but many. First of all, the man who eats more than he ought does wrong, and also the man who wallows in the pickles and sauces, and the man who prefers the sweeter foods to the more healthful ones, and the man who does not serve food of the same kind or amount to his guests as to himself.
– Musonius Rufus, Lecture XIIIB on Food

Since quarantine began in earnest I’ve been trying to eat one meal a day. And, although I’ve been largely successful on terms of frequency I have to admit that I have been allowing the craving to get the better of me. Not only do I eat large quantities but I have been binging on sweet foods as well. Clearly, I am not taking the Lord Buddha’s advice to view food as if one were wearing one’s own son’s flesh.

I don’t have much more to say on this account but simply wanted to confess my failing and make the commitment to do better. May we all be mindful of how we eat.

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