Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 01/19/2020

In Praise of Slaying

Ghatva Sutta

I have to take the opportunity that I have, from the time my wife awakes until she goes to bed, to learn how to overcome my own anger and resentment. Why is it that we take offence and impale ourselves on another’s words when there’s no reason to do so?

As she was standing to one side, a devatā recited this verse to the Blessed One:

“Having killed what

do you sleep in ease?

Having killed what

do you not grieve?

Of the slaying

of what one thing

does Gotama approve?”

The Buddha:

“Having killed anger

you sleep in ease.

Having killed anger

you do not grieve.

The Noble One’s praise

the slaying of anger

—with its honeyed crest

& poison root—

for having killed it

you do not grieve.”

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