Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 01/18/2020

Uposatha and Discipline

“There are, young householder, these six evil consequences in being addicted to idleness:

“He does no work, saying:

(i) that it is extremely cold,
(ii) that it is extremely hot,
(iii) that it is too late in the evening,
(iv) that it is too early in the morning,
(v) that he is extremely hungry,
(vi) that he is too full.

“Living in this way, he leaves many duties undone, new wealth he does not get, and wealth he has acquired dwindles away.”

Sigalovada Sutta DN31

For the first time in a few weeks, I made the first determination to wake up at my normal time of 3:50 to 4am. I had been toying with the idea of letting myself “rest” on weekend days but I have become increasingly dissatisfied with the results. Given the precious little time I have to dedicate to Dhamma and martial arts practice, it’s become apparent that I can’t really afford to sacrifice this weekend time.

But, what about sleep you ask? Although it is true that I have been using the weekend mornings to “catch up” on sleep I figure I can just as easily sneak in a nap here or there. And if I can’t, so be it. Life is short and the Buddhist and Stoic position of that we should eschew short term pleasures for long term goals. And, that, is precisely the choice I’m making.

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