Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 12/13/2019

Forgiveness and Mettā

How can we wish the best for all beings and yet withhold our forgiveness from anyone? They stole from us. They lied to us. They insulted us. Even without the faith in kamma they all intentional actions have their just results, what good is holding onto anger and blame?

Surrounded by corruption, drowning in decay, watching as the world burns who is there to blame? If it were not our lot to have been born here and now, in this time and place, we would not have been. At least, this is my belief. It we would have had the strength of mind and the depth of heart to choose better causes, we would have conditioned a better rebirth.

But, here we are and blaming others for getting overcome by their wants and blinded by their delusions doesn’t seem like the right answer.

I’m beginning a self-guided forgiveness retreat tomorrow so I will be contemplating that theme for the next few weeks. I hope you don’t mind if I share words I find that inspire me or the v results of the practice in the days to come.

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