Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 12/10/2019


Regardless of what happens, where will hatred take me? Regardless of who’s elected, what will longing for the best choice bring? Regardless of the injustices perpetrated daily by politicians and corporations, what will I gain by wishing it were otherwise? To liberate myself, to help others requires that I let go and disentangle myself from this thicket of views. To tread this path, there can be no aversion, no hatred of another.

Politics and positions can’t but help and devolve into the casting of aspersions. Sides are taken, defended and opponents attacked as stupid, mean and immoral. On the shifting sands of public sentiment there is no solid ground. Rather, may I sell to love better and see more clearly.

I can barely muster the strength to change this mind, this heart. How could I ever think that I could or should attempt to do so for another?

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