Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 10/14/2019

Every Pain an Opportunity

Feeling more tired and worn out lately as my body adjusts to my new training schedule. And it makes sense: if you get up at four and proceed to drink a cup of coffee before undertaking a half hour of calisthenics (push-ups in sets of fifty, sit-ups , squats and leg lifts by 60, etc), followed by an hour of meditation and then fifteen minutes of martial arts practice you’re going to be tired. Plus, I purposely plan out my daily regimen so that I have an abbreviated workout before bed which leaves me sore in the morning.

The pain and the whining mine are there but, as is the point of this routine, I’m beginning to understand that it lies about what the can do too. The longer I live, the more it seems like the mind is an inveterate liar. Regardless, the mind went on complaining through the last leg lift and right through forty five minutes of meditation. The whole time it kept telling me how tired it was, how achy and how it would be better to simply lay down and sleep. Only, I didn’t believe it. I made peace with it and, although not a great result, it was another lesson in patient determination.

Every suffering, every pain can be an opportunity to cultivate patience, determination and wisdom. Since I can’t control what comes to be I should at least incline the mind to receive it well and extract what juice there is.

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