Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 07/16/2019

Cheating Myself – Asalha Puja

I’ve been cheating myself, making excuses no one will ever hear and that I’ll never remember. Why? Kamma. Laziness. Aversion. But, knowing that I will be heir to my actions whether I like it or not, why not take this special day to begin again?

I’ve not met my practice goals, my brahmacari goals nor my physical conditioning goals and do I feel better for it? No. Unsurprisingly, going easy on myself hasn’t results in more peace or calm. Going easy hasn’t resulted in more contentment.

And, yet, there needs to be balance. I can’t simply undertake these projects with a mind imbued with hate. The moment I see these goals as punishments is the moment they become harmful acts of self-mortification.

May I undertake these practices out of concern for my own happiness and wellbeing. May I undertake them for the benefit of many beings.

Happy Asalha Puja!

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