Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 06/24/2019

It’s a Difficult Road

It’s certainly not easy trying to disentangle oneself from the bonds of attraction to the person work whom you’ve spent half your life and who is the mother of your children. But, luckily for me, she has no interest in that kind of intimacy and is generally full of contempt for yours truly. I say “luckily” and I mean it – were it not for that, I could very well never even have tried to practice brahmacariya. And, having already done so much that’s wrong with this body out of bondage to sexual craving, I can ill afford to waste any more time.

Knowing all of this, however, it’s still not easy. Confronted, day in and day out with her form and presence, it has been difficult to find peace and cultivate detachment. Regardless, what other choice is there?

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