Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 05/31/2019

Mindfulness of Eating

Despite being able to fast for long periods of time (a feat that I’ve had to work myself up to over many years) I’m still struggling with overeating when I break fast. I end up eating a ton of junk because I believe somehow that I deserve it and it won’t make much of a difference since I’m dry fasting for 22 hours out of the day. But, eating this way is simply eating for taste and I can think of no better analogy that that of an insatiable hungry ghost because I never feel quite satisfied at these times.

As a result, I’m gong to give calorie counting and meal planning a go. In essence, if I make the aspiration not to go beyond the limit I’ve set for myself I hope to be able increase my determination and restraint. It also wouldn’t be so bad to lose some pounds but, as I’ve said before, the real prize is cultivating the heart.

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