Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 04/18/2019

Payment for Peace

Accepting defeat. Swallowing insult. Humbling oneself. All of these are painful. All of these are forms of suffering. But, if we fight back, “stand up” for ourselves what do we earn? I’ve fight back, not punked out and beaten the hell out of other men. I’ve also had my nose bloodied, eye blacked and been thrown to the ground and stomped on. What was won? Hatred, resentment and misguided pride. Nothing of value. Nothing of worth.

It’s so much easier to have one’s nose broken than it is to break one’s pride but that is what this path calls for. I’m seeing ever more clearly what a danger i am to myself and others and how easily I can give in to anger.

May I learn to accept insult and defeat happily as payment for peace.

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