Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 03/13/2019

Establishing Intention

Everyday the news is worse: whether it’s the insect apocalypse or the collapse of the ocean’s ecosystem it looks as if human civilization is doomed. But, if I have the intention of helping to shepherd countless beings across the flood, how is this any different? I have been trying to come up with the right words for an aspiration to change at the end of my formal practice that would encapsulate my bodhisattvic intentions in an epoch of decay and degeneration but have yet to find them. Who would have guessed that magic and aditthana share so much in common?

Anyway, when I think about the hard times that may come I am most preocuppied with maintaining my precepts and alleviating weekday suffering I can. For some time I have been undertaking fasts and cold showers as well as engaging in an exercise régimen in the hopes of being of service when the chips are down. Then again, if anything needs training and preparation it’s the mind.

So, maybe I’m completely crazy but trying to think of ways to be of use during a real or imagined Armageddon gives me some solace. Truth be told, we are all dying here anyway so my efforts to help surely won’t go to waste.

May I keep my precepts pure as a protection for myself and all beings.

May I embody the Dhamma to teach beings by example.

May I never abandon metta or karuna, even at the cost of my life.

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