Posted by: Upāsaka | 03/12/2019

Not feeling very energized today. Only managed a half an hour sit and made it half way through my precepts before I stopped. It’s no wonder I didn’t handle my wife’s usual criticisms and negativity well. Still, I have to wonder what I was even thinking allowing fatigue and sloth to overcome me? Am I suddenly immortal? Has kamma suddenly ceased working? Surely not.

Today and all days like it are a perfect opportunity to practice viriya parami. For those who are unfamiliar here is an excerpt:

Virya paramita — the perfection of energy — is the fourth of the traditional six (sometimes ten) paramitas or perfections of Mahayana Buddhism and the fifth of the ten perfections of Theravada Buddhism. What is the perfection of energy?

May I always redouble my efforts when I’m adapted by sloth, torpor and fatigue. May I recall the Bodhisatta’s aditthana not to move from under the bodhi tree until the prize was won.

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