Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 02/25/2019


The tide seems to have come in come: my desire to practice and the supportive conditions have conspired to make what would otherwise a horrible situation into a lesson in Dhamma. The crux of it is, though, that there can be no half measures: for this type of work to happen there had to be a willingness to learn and smooth out ones rough edges not fit mere hours, days or months but for lifetimes numbering into the hundreds of thousands. And, why, you may ask, is this something to willingly take on? Clearly, I have no good answer but it seems to me any other pursuit would be empty. You see, for me, there just is no other way to make sense of it: why develop boundless love and wisdom to make an end to suffering and then abandon countless beings?

Regardless, I may yet be drunk on my aspirations so let us see if my resolve changes when the challenges involve my health and life itself. Until then, I’m not much more than a pretender.

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