Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 02/20/2019

Putting Attention where It Belongs

It seems to me that, when the incontrovertible arising of dukkha becomes known, the only practice that is of value is to make it one’s object of attention. Not mantra, nor metta nor anything that would lead my attention away. For years I have tried to focus on anything but the dukkha as it arises in the moment. I have made plans and programs of practice; all without ever having esbirros the success I’d imagined. But, in dukkha there is the problem and, when held correctly, there is the answer.

In times of desperation, call out to devas, Buddhas and bodhisattvas but, when the mind can collect itself and had the strength to look, the dukkha that arises should be my object. Instantly, so many other types of suffering drop away and I can calmly learn the lessons of this suffering.

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