Posted by: Upāsaka | 02/06/2019

Not Forsaking Beings

I keep looking for a quote wherein a bodhisattva makes an asseveration not to abandon beings but I have yet to find it. I guess little old, wayward and confused would-be bodhisattva has to make the declaration myself. As imperfect as I am and as full of defilements as I can be I vow not to forsake beings for anything less than the attainment of samma sambodhi.

The fear of suffering is great and I know I will have to endure eons in hell realms but, seeing my own suffering, how can I not work for the benefit of others’? I am told daily that I am a selfish and inconsiderate person so I almost shudder to think of how many millions of lives stretch out before me until I can even meet a Buddha before whom I may ask for a prediction.

May I never abandon beings until I win complete liberation and declare a new dispensation for the benefit of all beings and to lead devas and humans to the Supreme Bliss of Nibbana.

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