Posted by: Upāsaka | 02/05/2019

Get by somehow!

Great Middle Way

jodoshu_img2Live your life in whatever manner enables you to practice mindfulness of the Buddha. Renounce everything that interferes with remembrance through recitation.

If you can’t utter the Name while living in just one place, become a vagabond and recite. If it is difficult because you constantly travel, then establish a fixed residence and recite. If you are under monastic vows and have trouble reciting because of them, resume the householder’s life. If you can’t practice as a householder, abandon the home life.

If you are living alone and it doesn’t work, try to find a companion, a fellow cultivator who will encourage you. But if reciting with others is a hindrance, then live by yourself. Should you be prevented from reciting by the necessity of securing food and clothing, accept the charity of others and continue your practice. And if no one will help you, then get by somehow, but…

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