Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 01/06/2019


Yesterday was my birthday and, despite this blaring symbol of the relentless march of time, I’ve really had to force myself to meet my practice commitments. In the past few weeks I’ve come up with the following which are pretty faithful to the practices I’ve been undertaking for the last six years:

  • Cold Shower
  • Refuges, Precepts & Practice Aspirations
  • 30 minutes anapanasati
  • 30 minutes brahmavihara practice
  • 15 minutes contemplating 5 Subjects for Frequent Recollection
  • 15 minutes tonglen
  • 30 minutes walking mediation
  • 108 Om Mani Padme Hum recitations
  • 108 Om Maitri Mahamaitri Maitriye Svaha recitations
  • 108 Om Pra Mani Dhani Svaha 
  • 108 Namo Amitofo recitations
  • 108 Prostrations to Lord Buddha
  • 36 Tonglen Apiration recitations
  • Radiate metta while waking and falling asleep
  • 20 minutes of Dhamma Study (Samyutta Nikaya)

I would say the only major difference is that I have been able to meet my goals for a few weeks whereas it used to be that I would come up with this aditthana and then let them drop after a day or so. So, that’s progress. In addition to the above, I hope to memorize my refuge, precept and aspiration booklet so it is always with me. I figure that unless and until I have it completely memorized I won’t allow myself to change it.

Given the fact that, after my adolescence, everything has been careening towards decadence and death, it’s only right that I take this life and its opportunities more seriously. Death stalks me like a hunter after its prey so how can I afford to waste any time? How can I afford to be lazy when all is aflame?

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