Posted by: Upāsaka | 12/08/2018

Do Not Grieve for this World

Grief destroys beauty, grief destroys strength . . . Nothing is gained by sorrowing, the body just suffers . . . Again and again man dies and is born . . . rises and falls . . . asks and is asked . . . mourns and is mourned.


What good Buddhist quotes from the Hindu Mahābhārata? This one. In confronting the environmental devastation and the bleak prospects for humankind and all living beings on this planet, however, I’ve found no better quote.

I’ve decided to take the path of sammasambodhi though and part of that means being willing to be reborn in situations and places where suffering is intense be it a literal hell realm or the Earth become hellscape. In either case grief and despair only weaken one’s ability to help and to continue the practice of the paramis. So, fully aware that this world and these bodies are bound for destruction, let us do our best to cultivate our hearts and develop wisdom.

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