Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 09/14/2018

Without Regret

How quickly delusion takes over the mind. One moment the mind is headed straight along the path to purity and the next it’s chasing down shameful sense desires.

How easily do I fall prey to daydreams and reveries, forgetting that at any minute death can come to sweep me away. And, when it does, with what object in mind will I meet it? If I am to be brutally honest I fear that my mind will be overcome by shame and sin. And the remedy? Nothing short of constant mindfulness.

When I watch the mind I see that the faculty of wisdom is still immature. It does not yet immediately perceive sense pleasures as painful and aflame. Only with effort can I feel and see how I’m burned time and again by following the paths of desire. But, for that I am grateful and by means of it I can at least make progress even if it takes lifetimes.

May I ever be heedful of my mind state in the light of death and rebirth.

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