Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 07/20/2018

Guerilla Practice Uposatha

So, I was only able to get in two hours of formal practice yesterday and I feel fine about it. What it tells me is that I have to be both more resourceful and determined not to waste time. What this may look like is taking whatever free time I have and devoting it to formal practice rather than reading something or scrolling through my Reddit feed.

I often feel that I am making progress in simply staying with buddho throughout the day precisely because I have made it a priority. I have set up desktop reminders to keep me returning to buddho and even do a one minute formal practice every 45 minutes.

And, yet, there is an infinite store of kamma to work with. I have found myself dizzyingly fatigued every morning and night which robs the meditation of joy and flavor but I am acquainted with this feeling as I spent years working with sloth and torpor. So, even if it remains this way for the rest of this life I will at least cultivate khanti and aditthana parami and watch for openings throughout the day to practice.

Bhavatu sabba mangalam.

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