Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 06/28/2018

Happy Uposatha – Magandiya Sutta

I’ve been wracked by craving the past few days and it always seems to correlate to difficulties at home and interpersonally. As I was meditating this morning I kept turning to the list of of the parts of the body when the reveries completely swamped my heedfulness. At some point the simile of the leper in the Magandiya Sutta came to my mind and I reflected on just how apt the analogy is.

May I practice restraint and renunciation this uposatha day. May I always be reborn in favorable training circumstances . May I never be separated from the Dhamma.

“Now suppose that there was a leper covered with sores & infections, devoured by worms, picking the scabs off the openings of his wounds with his nails, cauterizing his body over a pit of glowing embers. The more he cauterized his body over the pit of glowing embers, the more disgusting, foul-smelling, & putrid the openings of his wounds would become, and yet he would feel a modicum of enjoyment & satisfaction because of the itchiness of his wounds. In the same way, beings not free from passion for sensual pleasures — devoured by sensual craving, burning with sensual fever — indulge in sensual pleasures. The more they indulge in sensual pleasures, the more their sensual craving increases and the more they burn with sensual fever, and yet they feel a modicum of enjoyment & satisfaction dependent on the five strings of sensuality.”

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