Posted by: Upāsaka | 05/17/2018

Nekkhamma: Day 3

It’s funny just how tightly bound my mental states are to the body. During fasting, the low energy I experience seems to make it harder to push myself, not only in terms of physical exertion but, strangely, in terms of social situations as well. It is almost as if the body would have me curl up in a ball and shut everything out.

Now imagine how a chronically malnourished child might feel; especially one who hah never been taught the Dhamma. What would that be like? What kind of kamma could I expect to make in that situation? I imagine what it will be like in this lifetime during a time of famine. If I allow my mind to darken now when I know that I will eat at sunset how can I pretend that I would do otherwise when my next meal may never come. How can I play at bodhisattvic aspirations if this fasting is more than I can handle.

I have eaten this morning. I have drank. I must rouse myself and fight these defilements unceasingly.


  1. There’s a Spanish phrase—¡Ánimo!—which I’ve always found hard to translate, but it’s something along the lines of keep going, keep at it, you’ve got this. You’re taking on a tried-and-true method for training the mind.

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