Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 05/15/2018

Happy Uposatha and Ramadhan Kareem!

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Today is both an uposatha observance day and the first day of Ramadhan (depending on whose calculation you’re using). What that means for me is that I’m fasting from all food until tomorrow at sunset. Tonight I’ll break fast with vegan chicken broth and have that for suhoor (pre-fast meal) around 4am.

You may have noticed that the obligatory prayers get no mention and this is for the reason that I fast primarily or of respect for the family into which I’ve married. Over the years I have truly come to appreciate the renunciation that one can cultivate and so find Ramadhan a worthwhile practice even with the omnipotent deity removed.

May I use this time of fasting to reflect on how few live in comfort in this world. May I reflect on how many do without sufficient food for days at a time. May I recall how many have no clean water to drink. May I give in charity to the homeless, destitute and poor. May all beings be free from suffering.

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