Posted by: Upāsaka | 12/14/2017

Don’t Believe

I had one of those interesting realizations a few minutes ago during my formal practice. As I was meditating, thoughts that I am failing o renounce sense pleasures, that I am continually infatuated with their pursuit kept arising and tormenting me. I found myself starting to make resolves based on these thoughts, giving into the unskillfulness and believing them.

And then, seemingly from nowhere, I recalled that I didn’t have to listen, I didn’t have to believe them. After all, they are just thoughts that arise and cease like mists from the fields in the morning or clouds racing across the sky at night. Why put my faith in them if they would only weaken me and bring me low? If one is gong to identify with anything why identify with base thoughts? So, for now at least, I’ll keep putting down what is not useful and remain true to my ultimate aims.

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