Posted by: Upāsaka | 12/12/2017

Ebb and Flow

Slowly I feel the energies reform and I am able to practice again ever more in the style and with the intensity to wick I have become accustomed, and yet, there is much to be learned from this most recent illness. In the space of a few days my formal practice feel apart and my mind sunk to levels of aversion and desperation out had not visited in some time. And for what reason? Largely because I got a cold and my routine was disrupted. How fragile a thing this practice of mine has proven to be.

Not only do I how to practice with ever more ardor now but to also practice more in so-called daily life. I have failed to do so and allowed inertia to carry me away but I will now make a concerted effort to practice during my commute and throughout the day. How?

During walking, standing or sitting by starting with the breath on even days and with the brahmaviharas on odd days. By observing the half hourly mindfulness bell and spending a minute sending metta one I hear it. I hope to add more later but for now I feel I’ve bitten of enough.

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