Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 05/29/2017

Simile of the Saw (or Metta for Trump)

I so easily forget that metta is meant to be boundless. Every day as I follow the news I’m shocked and disturbed by the fresh horrors and atrocities committed by the inveterate liar who now holds the most powerful office in the land. 

But, just as in the Simile of the Saw where the Lord Buddha tells us that we must beat no ill will even to bandits who would saw if our limbs, we must bear no ill will towards an administration set on destroying our planet and all life on it. Trump is our litmus test as followers of the Dhamma. If we cannot overcome our hatred of him, if we do not try, then how can we consider ourselves sins and daughters of the Lord Buddha?

I know I have failed and forgotten lately but I know, too, that I can just begin again. May my heart be free from hatred and may President Trump be well, happy and peaceful. May he learn humility, respect and begin to admire virtue and integrity. 

Finally, I’d like to share a post I found useful:

Sabbe satta sukhita hotu!

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