Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 04/20/2017

Giving Rightly 

We all know the story of the mother who had given so much and never considered her own needs. In this story, she either his to the grave without ever having realized her potential or she blows up and loses her mind, featuring everything in her path. I know I’ve felt like the latter at home countless times but it occurs to me now that I don’t need to. 

Giving is a balm in its own right when done well. But, especially at home, it is so often undertaken with resentment and a sense of duty. Being asked for something by my wife or kids, my first impulse is to reset the imposition on my time and energy. Can I, instead, begin to see these moments as opportunities to give from heart? The only difference between giving to a homeless person on the street and my wife is my own unskilled preconceptions. May I, through a practice of continual demonstrations of appreciation (my love note practice as I have cine top call it), learn to give freely and with a heart full of joy. Despite what I may think, there is no duty to do anything and all acts of generosity are acts of free will. 

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