Posted by: Upāsaka | 11/14/2016

The Most Needful Thing

As the days roll on and new horrors are revealed it becomes ever clearer that metta and karuna are needed more than ever. I almost feel as if I were thrown into this new world half-formed and completely unready to meet the nightmare monsters that stalk my dreams and, perhaps, the land. But, this is our kamma and this is our time. More, nite than ever, I see just how much I believed the myth of America. May I cultivate wisdom and equanimity to see this suffering clearly and let go. 

I’m inspired to think of all of the Tibetan monks and nuns, the great upasikas and upasakas of Myanmar and heroes like the Rev. Desmond Tutu, the Rev. Martin Luther King and Gandhi. Some have shown the ultimate victory over hate in the heart and others have even win temporal victory through nonviolence. May I learn from these teachers and overcome the inner and outer enemies through the brahmaviharas and wisdom. 

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